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** October 15th, 2013 — 1:24 pm

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My name is Eldon James Brown and I have lived in San Francisco, California for over ten years. My residency began at my current address, The All Star Hotel, on March 3rd, 2005. As of this writing today, I will have resided here for 8 years, 7 months and 11 days. I am 46 years old.

I originally started this blog to both document and call attention to the substandard conditions of this 108 year old hotel. I have been able to make some progress and have accomplished a few significant changes however, at the inception of this adventure I really had no idea how far down the rabbit hole I would eventually go. I have primarily utilized building code violations to enforce these changes and they can be perused here, commencing on 12/16/2011 for all categories. During this time I suffered a great deal of harassment, both from staff and management inside of the hotel, and from what I considered to be hired “goons” without. Little did I know then that a peculiar and vexing problem that had been with me for much, much longer was the true cause of my harassment troubles.

Until just recently, I was completely oblivious to the fact that I have been a victim of “Gangstalking” for the past 28 years. Many of the problems that I have encountered in life now seem to be traceable back to this government sanctioned activity. For those unfamiliar with what Gangstalking (or what is sometimes called “Organized Stalking”) is, I would suggest first clicking on the link above and prepare yourself for a sickening shock.

I would then suggest venturing into my blog under the category of “Gangstalking” for further reading or, just simply put the term into your favorite search engine and buckle up. They say that ignorance is bliss and in this case I would have to agree, learning about this for the first time will change the way that you look at the world from now on. Your world view will be bisected, there will be a “before” you learned, and then an “after”. Since I like dealing with reality head on and hate being lied to, I have no choice but to forge ahead eyes wide open.

I have not abandoned my activism due to my newfound awareness, but I must admit, I am unsure about the path of my future travels. That is of course, if I have any future at all. I have already come under an exponentially more severe attack from this secretive group of people who from all indications, comprise a “shadow government” and nothing less than that. Immense in it’s scope, breathtaking in those complicit, I truly now fear for my very life. Contained within my Youtube channel is an account of actual physical attack by way of biological or chemical poisoning.

For further updates of my activities, please visit my Youtube channel at “Eldon Brown“.

My other blog devoted to Jacqueline Greig

My Gangstalking police report here.

You may also email me if you wish at;


God bless, pray for us all and be good to yourself and others. These are things needed now more than ever.

3 comments on “About Me – Eldon James Brown

  1. Hi Eldon – I just found your posting of a link to my radiation website. I also loved what you wrote and posted – such an elegant writeup with it. So succinct. I live in Berkeley and watch the gangstalking training by UC Berkeley of the students every day. It is a phenomenon that is an epidemic in US universities. I know it has been prevalent in the Catholic Church for many centuries and millenia, where the KKK got it from. How did you get so interested in Luxembourg? I hope you get this message and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving today, and wonderful holidays through the New Year. Best wishes – Leuren Moret [leurenmoret@gmail.com]

    • Thank you Leuren so very much, what a high honor indeed to be recognized by someone so accomplished. Your work on weaponized nuclear energy is unparalleled and the most informative to be found, your video detailing accelerated entropy in small aircraft still gives me the shivers about flying. You also introduced me to the Jesuits, Opus Dei, their history and just how much influence they weild in our modern lives, especially at UC Cal Berkeley. Because of your influence I believe the mainstream media was finally forced to expose the sexual harassment going on at the campus. Kudos for protecting young people. My interest in Luxembourg is due to the infamous Alex Jones pegging it as a hideout for Globalists, after researching it’s socio-economic and political structure I see why it would be favored.

      Gosh Ms. Moret, thank you so much for the scholorly work that you provide us, you truly are a pillar of virtue in a world filled with darkness. A very kind and generous person as well. Take care and glad to see you active once more, what a treat!

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