3 comments on “The U.S. government’s creeping war on journalists

  1. See Denis (one n) Lehain’s book “Unperson A Life Destroyed”. An Irish journalist he was approached by both M15 and CIA for recruitment. He turned them down. The book tells what happens. He says ” That a CIA officer should want to recruit a journalist to work as a spy for the Agency under the cover of his career as a journalist is not even extraordinary for journalists”. He also says most journalists say yes. The security services not only have great control over what journalists say but over who gets the job in the first place.

    • I’ve had Gangstalkers talk to me about their kids (everyone likes to talk about their children) and proudly say that their child wanted to become a journalist. When I suggested that the world needed more honest journalists, I got no response. It was as if that consideration was of absolutely no consequence.

      I do agree that ones success in many industries is determined by allegiance to the establishment, otherwise known as Infragard.

      • Ay, the trouble is TIs are ahead of the herd. If it wasn’t happening to me I would be much less aware of the insidious creeping corruption in every institution. When I was young journalism was an honourable and respected profession. Now bloggers are doing the work journalists have abandoned.

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