One comment on “Infragard – The FBI’s Gangstalker Recruitment Arm

  1. When businesses are asked to report anything “suspicious,” it often leads to people being reported who may have divergent political views, religious beliefs, or group affiliations.

    Or old fashioned sexism, racism and classism , a new in-group created justified by the state to freely discriminate, hamper and attack the out-group. Dividing society into two classes. The servants of the state answering to the state and to a degree protected and privileged, and the rest, a group any in the state-group can harass with impunity. The official face of gang stalking. Gang stalking going public? And note – the end result of this is everybody in society classed in in one or other groups is under state control.
    And if you are a member of the out-group, as my being gang stalked as shown, you cannot get proper service from any institution, they just do not do their job in respect of you. Whether Mail not delivered, medical service denied or wrong treatment given, services paid for not rendered, bureaucratic harassment and obstruction at every turn, they not only lie about you but lie to you(As to why they are not treating you normally), they can rob you with impunity and when you complain you are stonewalled.
    The next step is the state is going to say – yep, it’s official, we can do that.
    The new Nazi Germany.

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