2 comments on “Companies Infested With Gangstalkers

  1. Yes gang stalking ruins our public trust by stripping all agencies that we are rightfully entitled. What do you think of the repeal of patriot. act? I pray it will free us and expose this humsn stain

    • Considering that the authors of The Patriot Act (Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis. and former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff) have now publicly denounced it’s use as “excessive and un-American”, I think it should be wholly repealed.

      It failed to prevent the Boston Marathon Bombing, the very type of terrorist act that it was intended to stop yet, Edward Snowden remains in exile. The only thing it has proven to be good for is allowing the Obama Administration to violate everyone’s privacy via the NSA. The NSA serves at the pleasure of the Prsident bye the way, and could be shutdown by him with the stroke of a pen. He totally owns everything they do.

      I’m afraid we no longer have a Democracy and that America has been corrupted from within. Abandoning Christian values leads to decadence and decadence leads to corruptibility.

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